Sunday, October 13, 2019

Leaf Peaping: An Enduring Look at New England in the Fall

  My wife Madelyn and I recently returned from a week in New England, an activity after referred to as Leaf Peeping.   I had been to New England in the fall before but Madelyn had always wanted to see it for herself.
    The goal is to be in there during "peak" colors. That can often be difficult, especially when trying to make plans an traveling a great distance.  We probably missed peak by about a weak. Some parts of Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine were spectacular, other parts of hadn't started to change yet.  Regardless,  the backroads of upper New England and the Green Mountains of Vermont and the White Mountains of New Hampshire are postcard worthy regardless of the season.

The Colors

    The key to visiting New England in the fall is to hit "Peak," when the leaves are their most vibrant. There are numerous websites to help you plan your trip. 
    Even though we missed peak by about a week, we still saw spectacular colors and discovered a few trips. We discovered that there might be one section of the state where the leaves haven't started to turn, while a few miles away you may experience some spectacular colors.  
   We traveled mainly on Scenic Route 100, sometimes known as Vermont's Main Street.  We took advice from several of our innkeepers to find some of the best side routes. Enjoy some of our finds

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