Monday, February 18, 2019

Podcast Episode 98 - Why Uruguay needs to be on your bucket list. Plus the Airbnb app for boating

   New York Times writer Nell McShane Wolfhart discusses why Uruguay needs to be placed on your bucket list. 
   Plus, Brian Petro of the Get My Boat app explains the idea behind the Airbnb of watercraft.  This week on the Travel With Hawkeye podcast 

Sunday, February 3, 2019

The Rising Cost of Lift Tickets

  I recently discovered a 1975 skiing article from Dallas based D Magazine.  The article discussed a number of resorts and included the 1975 price of lift tickets.  I thought it would be interesting to compare what tickets cost in 1975 adjusted for inflation compared to what they actually cost today.

  In fairness, skiing has changed much since 1975.  Modern high speed lifts allow skiers to get to the top of the mountain in a fraction of the time it took in 1975. Most chairlifts in the 70s held two to three people. Today many resorts now feature 6 pack high speed detachable lifts that go higher and faster.  You can ski a lot more terrain in a single day.      

    Plus, snowmaking and grooming are not only more prevalent today, it's expected and expensive. Let's also discuss terrain parks.  They didn't even exist in 1975.

    The biggest change might be the size of resorts. Below are the trail maps of Breckenridge from 1978 and 2019.  Not only is the resort 2 1/2 times larger than before, it also reaches higher into Peak 8 to offer some extreme in bounds skiing.

   That being said, the cost of skiing has risen greatly in the past few decades.  One must wonder if this effects the number of people who participate in the sport. Check out the cost of skiing on 1975 vs today and you decide.

                                   1975 Lift Ticket Price      Adjusted for inflation         Cost of Lift Ticket in 2019

Aspen                            $11                                  $51                                      $159

Breckenridge                 $7.50                               $35                                      $179

Copper Mtn                  $10                                  $46                                       $178

Crested Butte                $10                                  $46                                       $120

Vail                                $11                                  $51                                       $199

Angel Fire                     $8                                    $37                                       $77

Taos                              $10                                  $46                                       $110

Park City                       $9                                     $42                                      $169

Breckenridge Trail Map 1978

Breckenridge Trail Map 2019

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