Monday, April 6, 2020

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A Conversation with Phil Keoghan

A Chat With Travel Writer Bonnie Tsui 
Author of "Why We Swim"

Episode 157 - Writer Bonnie Tsui discusses her new book Why We Swim, plus we dive into the most unusual and beautiful places to swim and the most iconic swimmers.

   Bonnie discusses the basic human need to swim (often in the coldest of water) and we add to the list of 1000 Places To Swim Before You Die.

An Update of 2 Key Travel Industries

   Gary Kelly, CEO of Southwest airlines updates os on changes that airline will be making to insure passenger and crew safety during the pandemic.

   David Yeskel, the Crusie Guru discuss changes the cruise industry is making so that they may start sailing again

   The Pandemic in Hawaii

   One of the most underreported stories of the Covid-19 pandemic is the situation in Hawaii. No other US state has an economy that based so much on tourism. But visiting Hawaii during the Covid-19 pandemic may not be the best idea.
   Despite extremely low airfares, arriving passengers to the Aloha state have dropped from 30,000 a day to under 200. And when you arrive in Hawaii, you might be told to get on the next plane home or stay in your hotel room for a 2 week quarantine.
   This week on the Travel With Hawkeye podcast, Lynn Kawano of Hawaii News Now discusses the heavy price Hawaii is paying to protect itself from the pandemic.

Travelocity Founder Terry Jones on the Future of Travel

When it comes to the travel industry, there might be no bigger tech disrupter than Terry Jones. The former American Airlines VP started both Travelocity and Kayak and totally transformed the industry. Jones discusses his new book Disruption Off and how the coronavirus will effect the industry.

Mark Wolters of Wolter World Travel Blog: 
Where Do We From From Here?

   How will the Coronavirus affect travel in the future?  What destinations will be hardest hit? Which industries will have a hard time coming back from this. These are just a few topics that Mark Wolters of  and I discuss on this special episode of the Travel With Hawkeye podcast.
Mark Wolters has offered unique and honest travel advice for a number of years on his YouTube channel, with over 600,000 subscribers and 10 million views.

Sun Valley, Idaho.  The first of its kind

Episode 151 - In 1936, when Averell Harriman found the Sun Valley Resort in the remote town of Ketchum, Idaho, it was something that had never been seen in the US. Celebrities flocked via the Union Pacific line to this nation's first ski resort. Decades before Vail, Park City and Tahoe,  there was Sun Valley. 
   80+ years later, the resort is stills glamorous and exciting as ever. Kelli Lusk of Sun Valley joins the Travel With Hawkeye podcast  to discuss this one of a kind year round resort. 
Note: After taping this episode, Sun Valley  closed their ski slopes early due to the Coronavirus.  We present  this podcast as a future travel option. 

100 Drives 5000 Ideas

Episode 149 - National Geographic writer Joe Yogerst has compiled 100 amazing drives in the US and Canada including the Space Alien Trail, The Country Music drive plus a few historic drives created for the first 'auto tourist' 100 years ago.
   We guarantee there will be at least two things you will hear on this podcast that you will want to add to your bucket list. 
Joe Yogerst book, 100 Drives 5000 Ideas

A Conversation with Sebastian Modak:  The  NY Times 52 Places Traveler

Episode 147 - Sebastian Modak was tasked by the New York Times; visit 52 places in 52 weeks.  What did he see, where did he visit, what did he learn and how did this experience change him?
   Find out on this week's Travel With Hawkeye podcast