Monday, January 20, 2020

Our Latest Travel With Hawkeye Podcast Episode

Special Report - The Corona Virus and Your Upcoming Cruise

Episode 148 - Cruise industry expert David Yeskel (aka @TheCruiseGuru_ on Twitter) discusses the Corona Virus,  your upcoming cruise and why it's not necessary to cancel your plans.
   We also discuss precautions the cruise industry is taking and things you can do to insure a great experience on your next trip 

A Conversation with Sebastian Modak:  The  NY Times 52 Places Traveler

Episode 147 - Sebastian Modak was tasked by the New York Times; visit 52 places in 52 weeks.  What did he see, where did he visit, what did he learn and how did this experience change him?
   Find out on this week's Travel With Hawkeye podcast

A Trip To Alaska's Glaciers

Episode 146 -    Before you take a trip to the Alaskan Glaciers, check out our interview from Mark Adams on this week Travel With Hawkeye podcast.  
   Mark's book The Tip of the Iceberg, My 3000 Mile Journey Around Wild Alaska, The Last American Frontier, is a fascinating look at his journey to recreate the historical travels of John Muir (founder of the Sierra Club)  and George Bird Grinnell (founder of the Audubon Society) on the famed Harriman Expedition to Alaska.  

Ice Skating the Trails of Quebec

You may have never considered an ice skating trip to Quebec. Neither had I, until I read Elaine Glusac's recent piece in New York Times Travel Section, Where Trails Are For Skating, Not Hiking.
   We invited Elaine on the show to find out more about the enchanting trails, frozen rivers and flooded forests that enable Canadians to enjoy the winter months in a whole new fashion

  Bacalar, Mexico: The Next Tulum? And is the a good thing?

Episode 143 - New York Times Travel Writer Lauren Sloss' recent article on the Mexican destination of Bacalar asked a  provocative question; how do you balance the benefits of being a new tourist destination with the environment concerns. 
Bacalar sits on a delicate laguna in far south Mexico.  Recent development has not only threatened this spectacular natural resource, it as also threaten a host of ancient living organisms. Will tourism be a boom or the end to the laguna? 

Read Lauren's Article: Is Bacalar The Next Tulum?